Growing the Growhouse way




Week 01

Requirements: Germination


  1. Jiffy Plugs
  2. Water
  3. Watering container / Water spray
  4. Seeds
  5. Tray

how to use jiffy plugs

Align Jiffy plugs with the open side up. Water and watch the plug expand to almost 3 times its size. Make a hole using a toothpick or any such sharp object around a quarter of an inch deep and place seed. Gently cover the seed with some coco peat from the plug. Since seeds do not have a 100% germination rate, sow around 3 seeds in each Jiffy plug.

watering jiffy plugs


Place tray in an area with indirect light. Water once or twice daily.
Note: Do not over water the jiffy plugs – keep them moist without flooding the tray. If the weather in your area is too dry – you can cover the tray with cling film to retain humidity.


Week 02 to 03 (Depending on plant)


Saplings are ready to go into your hydroponic systems when they are about 2 in. tall. At this stage, you can remove the weaker saplings from the Jiffy plugs, keeping the strongest one in.


requirements - hydroponics


  1. Net pots
  2. Grow medium (grow rocks/coco peat/etc)
  3. Jiffy plug saplings
  4. Water
  5. Hydroponic System (DWC/ aeroponics / drip hydroponics)
  6. Nutrients

Potting the Jiffy plug:

Potting jiffy plugs into net pots

Use the desired grow medium and secure the jiffy plug by placing it all around the plug.

placing netpot into system

Ready your nutrient solution first. Once you have tested and stabilized the pH you can place the net pot into the lid of the system.

NOTE: make sure the base of the net pot just about touches the surface of the water. Mark that point out on the inner walls of your reservoir. Maintain this water level throughout the grow.


Week 04 t0 14 (Depending on plant)


Monitor pH levels, water levels, nutrient concentration and adjust accordingly. Make sure to change the reservoir water once every 10 to 15 days with a new nutrient solution mix for best results.

monitoring your grow

Remember to monitor the roots of all your plants from time to time. Feel free to lift the plant out of the hydroponic system to analyze the root mass at any time- this is a good indicator to your plants health. Watch out for signs of root rot (the yellowing of root mass due to stagnant water). Refer to the feed chart that comes along with the nutrients for more information on feeding schedules for your plants.


In about 10 to 14 weeks from germination your plants should be ready for harvest depending on the plant. Use a scissor and begin harvesting -Its time to enjoy your homegrown feast! In some cases your plant may produce more than you can consume during harvest – in such cases remember to gift your friends and family your homegrown produce.

Grow Happy!

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