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Founding Partners

Sharan Sirur


Sharan is the perfect example of a growhouse customer. Having started growing hydroponically in 2010, it was the void of hydroponic products in india that has brought him to pursuing this endeavor.

Nikhil More


Having been born and brought up on a farm, Nikhil is at peace in the company of nature. Trained as a designer, he currently works for a Mumbai based design firm. He strongly believes in eating healthy and growing his own salads & vegetables.

The Team

Rohan More


Rohan runs a horse riding school in Pune. He brings to Growhouse a very vast array of professional expertise. From streamlining our business process – to understanding the science of hydroponics – he is Growhouse’s one man encyclopedia.

Ipsita Chakrabarti

Social Media

Ipsita handles all the social media regarding Growhouse. She makes sure our audiences are tuned into what we have to say. She is also the reason why many of our lettuces and cherry tomatoes at our office go missing mysteriously. But she does make a great salad.

Swapnil Khape


When you hit the button”Checkout” on growhouse.in – this is the guy who jumps into it. Swapnil Khape is the clock that keeps us ticking. From packaging to dispatch – Swapnil is experienced in making sure every order is handled with the utmost care.

Naina Panemanglor


Naina is a film maker by profession and helps with all of our media requirements at Growhouse. She is the eye behind the lens that shoots all things Growhouse.

Learn More About Us

Who We Are

Hello! we are Growhouse – your friendly neighbourhood hydroponic shop and community centre. At Growhouse you will find a trove of useful products, accessories and guidance on how to grow hydroponically. So whether you are a newbie to hydroponics or a pro – Growhouse is your platform for all you need.

What We Do

Our penchant for growing our own food has taken us far and wide looking for innovative hydroponic systems, world class soluble nutrients and other cutting edge agricultural tools. The result is an easy to navigate online portal that is far from just your average hydroponic web-shop, but a thriving community of green thumbed gurus and agricultural enthusiasts.

Our Philosophy

Maintaining home gardens is our passion – we understand the need for using world class products and the immense happiness that eating what you’ve grown brings. All in all, we know that food tastes better when you grow it yourself, and we have everything you need to do just that.